Christine-Strickland LED hula Hoop Show

Christine Strickland – Wild Light Hoops

I am a hula hoop instructor at Aerial Dance PC where I also train as an aerialists. I am also a fire hoop performer! Teaching and performing are hands down my favorite ways to share my love and passion for hula hooping with others.

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Justine Livs Hooping in the sun

Justine Patino – Justine Livs

Justine’s hoop journey began when she was a young child and stumbled upon a hula hoop contest one summer afternoon. Completely transfixed by all of the other kids who were SO STUPID GOOD at keeping the hoop around their waist, she begged her mom for a hoop of her own and began practicing every day

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Spunky Hoops Joyce Hula Hooping

Joyce Mann – Spunky Hoops

Chicago native and lifelong lover of the hoop. I currently spend my time raising awareness about the therapeutic benefits of flow art and adult play. I’m also a full-time college educator and doctoral student researching community psychology and the benefits of flow art.

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