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Hi! my name is Chelsea Gladstone

I am based in Dartmoor, Devon UK

About Wonder Hoops

Chelsea (Hoop Aura) is a certified Hoop Love Coach and Yoga teacher from Devon, UK. Chelsea discovered Hula Hooping in 2019 whilst tramping around Australia. A fellow traveller sister gifted her a Hula Hoop found in a charity shop for $1, this was the beginning of her Unconditional Love for Hooping and her own healing journey. Chelsea is a self taught Hoop lover, using Hoop dance as a form of self expression and a way to help overcome anxieties and personal challenges. With her love of music, dance and yoga the hoop is her portal to re-connecting back to her body, mind, spirit and inner child. By wanting to share her Hoop love with others to offer fun and alternative ways to meditate, dance, keep fit and discover themselves “Wonder Hoops’’ was born. At Wonder Hoops Chelsea runs creative Hoop dance classes, Hoop Yoga and workshops inclusive to all flavours of humans, for all levels. As well as teaching at Wonder Hoops, Chelsea makes and sells hula hoops online and at all her hoop jams. Whether you’re looking to learn a wicked new skill that keeps you fit or you’re looking for ways to help improve and manage your mental well-being then picking up a hula hoop at Wonder Hoops will do wonders for your soul!

Wonder Hoops hooping in the park

Hoop Love Coaches around the world

Denae Wade Hooplove Coach
United States

Denae Wade

Denae Wade is a Hoop Dance Facilitator, a mother, and an artist. With about six years of experience hula-hoop-dancing in her free time, she decided in May 2019 that it was time to pursue her

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United States

Jessica Morrison HulaHealing

Hi There! My name is Jessica Morrison. I am based in Olympia, WA Jessica is a hoop dancer of 10 plus years who is passionate about using HulaHealing classes to inspire kids and adults to play more, express

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Adriana Carballo

Adriana is a HoopYogini instructor, HoopLove Coach, and Quantum Success Life Coach. As a life coach she helps women reconnect with their power of being the creator of their lives and understanding the importance of

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Memory Apata Hooplove Teacher
United States

Memory Apata

Memory is a hoop performer and teacher based in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire. She relies on her ten years of experience as a professional performer in plays, musicals, and operas to

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Angela Reitter Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Angela Reitter

Angela began hooping in 2014 & became a HoopLove Coach in 2016. Now she shares the joy of learning to rock out and dance with a hoop in live & local classes for adults, kids,

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Brittany "Gaia" Greene Hooplove Coach
United States

Brittany “Gaia” Greene

Hi There! I’m Gaia. I’m a Hoop Guide and Movement Artist. As well as a Visual Artist and Interior Designer with an eye for plants. Been hula hooping since I was introduced to the toy

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Julie Mathews Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Julie Mathews

A senior, for seniors and extreme beginners focusing on a slow conditioning safe start into gentle flow and movement

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