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Hi! my name is Colton Tyler Petherick

I am based in Oklahoma, USA

About Colton Tyler Meyer

There is no “in a nutshell” with The Colton Tyler Experience LLC. In fact, since Colton started his own fitness coaching in 2015 as a certified personal trainer under National Academy of Sports Medicine with a Personal Trainers certification and Performance Enhancement Specialist certification; the business got its roots established, and grew a beautiful flower based on the natural elements of spirituality and natural remedies while staying true to some epic weight loss, strength, body building and fun, new dynamics from what trends in the fitness world. Final branded Mine Space TM, formally known as Full Circle R in hula hoop training and building as part of an extension of The Colton Tyler Experience LLC. This hula hoop world is like the biggest deal to him. The hoop escapades are very fun, light hearted and figuratively spoken into a game that gives you your own happy meal space to eat up as your inner child like ways can be born again and surprise even yourself. Just in for the Barbies and Hotwheels season on the menu.
Anyway, Colton Tyler Petherick Meyer was born in Claremore, Oklahoma in February of 1989 on the 17th. And has always loved his happy meal space so wheels on quite often from mommy and daddy to get Colton what he wanted. To this day Colton Tyler is very thankful for them. Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated his highschool in 2007. Got certified in digital media and web technology even though Colton Tyler was more on the active side of life. As a young boy- he had a zest for making the best out of make believe. Turning it into actuality. Also played soccer for years but ever since 13 his heart has always been in professional wrestling, that lead him on a path to hardcore dancing at music festivals in California at age 19. Ever since he starteded attending EDM music related events Colton fell in love with dancing. . And in 2012-2013, Colton Tyler’s big dream started to come true- he got licensed through the Oklahoma Boxing Commission to be a legitimate professional wrestler. Becoming a one time Tornado Tag Team Champion was his greatest highlight or was it earning a sponsorship to WWE’s Brian Kendrick’s wrestling school where Colton wrestled Brian Kendrick and WWE’s Austin Aries. We leave it to the fans to decide. In 2017-2018 Colton Tyler moved from Los Angeles- where he was a private housekeeper- to Dallas, Texas to indulge into his fitness work more. He also earned a sponsorship for his new found passion in hula hooping under Deanne Love’s Hooplovers seasonal course. He passed and this was to be the newest extension of The Colton Tyler Experience LLC at Full Circle R. Ever since Dallas, Colton never gave up on wrestling and while staying busy to understand how this was going to play out with his hula hoop training/business Full Circle R; there was a deeper spiritual side at play here. Make note, no one will ever dimmer out light and Colton Tyler rides on that right along the way to freedom by dancing again with his hoop!
He had taken a break since now being back in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2018. And all the magic is starting to come back to Colton with the circle being a spiral. Sounds hypnotizing, yes? No worries- this spiral takes us winding down into our deepest core: where is the happiness? Its part of the purpose of this full circle. Being driven to your happy meal so eat this one up because you’re going to have fun decking your beautiful hoops and work outs with yourself taking the steering wheel or hair band into a Barbie and Hotwheels space that just screams “mine”. Spiraling up and out radiating love thanks to the revamped Full Circle as MINE, a trademark extension of The Colton Tyler Experience LLC fitness design by Colton Tyler Meyer.
Colton Tyler Petherick

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