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Hi! my name is Elisa Trepp

I am based in Sydney, Australia

About Hoop Transition

In 2015, Kiki was looking for a new type of dance that did not require a partner and happened to come across a hoop dance class in the Netherlands. Immediately captivated by the joy, freedom and meditation that hoop dance can bring, Kiki embraced the importance of “play” that is often missing in our adult lives. The combination of a full body workout and mindful flow became a rewarding daily practice. After some months she decided to join her first hoop retreat, where she discovered moves and flow by inspiring teachers from all over the world. Ever since, she has been bringing her hoops on travels around the globe, teaching classes at gyms, schools, and festivals.

Under the guidance of Deanne Love, Kiki completed her Hoop Love Coach Certification in Mid 2017. Combining her love for hooping and passion for sustainability, Kiki integrates hooping in the transition to a more sustainable society. With Hoop Transition, she teaches at locations that support organic local food, community, and our natural environment. Hoop Transition also aims to use sustainable and recycled materials for hoop making.

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Elisa Trepp Hoop Love Teacher

Hoop Love Coaches around the world

Sara Cole Barnette

What can I say, I love hoops and all things hoop lovers! I owe all my progression to Deanne Love. She inspires me every day and I am grateful to be a part of this

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Julie Mathews Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Julie Mathews

A senior, for seniors and extreme beginners focusing on a slow conditioning safe start into gentle flow and movement

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Darbi A Kelly Hooplove Teacher
United States

Darbi A Kelly

Darbi is known for her non-judgmental teaching style, can-do attitude, and extremely fun hoop classes. She loves to hula hoop because it allows for meditation and exercise in one practice. She completed her Hoop Coach

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Kimberly R Hamilton

I have been hooping for five years and love it. I am also a private investigator and hooping has been a wonderful escape from work and stress.

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Alexandra Hoop Love Teacher

Alexandria Smith

Hey there Brave Soul, My name is Ally and I am the creator of Brave Moon Movement. I am blessed to be able to offer you classes in Hoop Dance and Expressive Hatha and am

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Wild Circle Bio Photo

Evelyn Fink

24 years old, Hoop Teacher in North of Italy. Doing performances and workshops for kids and adults. Please visit my homepage for more info.

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Kitcat Cunningham Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Kitcat Cunningham

All things Hoopy– Living Life with an Attitude of Gratitude. Love teaching – Love making Hoops- Love spreading Hoop Love– I have only been hoping for three years and they are the best years of

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