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Hi! my name is Em Robbins

I am based in Southern Oregon Coast USA

About Coastal Hoop Flow

Hooping found Em in 2017 (and she is incredibly grateful that it did!); having struggled for many years with depression and, to an even greater extent, anxiety, she was often at a loss as to the way to real happiness. Dancing with hoops has helped her open the portal to finding the joy and peace that were lacking, bringing a physical practice that gives the body the movement it craves and the fitness it needs to be healthy while quieting the mind and providing a space to just ‘be’. She did find that being a solitary hooper can sometimes lack the feedback one desires to propel them further in their craft, and when searching fruitlessly for retreat options in 2019, she decided to create the retreats that she herself would want to attend. is now where she facilitates and hosts hoop and wellness retreats for women twice per year in the beautiful coastal mountains of Oregon (US). These intimate retreats feature internationally-known hoop instructors, yoga, sound healing baths, meditation, tasty and nutritious foods, beach flow sessions, a private and beautiful natural setting, and much, much more in a (very) supportive environment that is suitable for all skill levels (and where you’ll likely make lifetime friendships).

Em also understands what it’s like to start late and at a disadvantage.. and hooping has shown her that even with those impediments one can still succeed.

Available for assistance with retreat facilitation and private beginner lessons in coastal S OR.


Em Robbins Hula Hoop Teacher Southern Oregon Coast

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Stephanie Nixon

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Colleen McCown Hoop Love Teacher
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Colleen McCown

Let me introduce myself  My name is Colleen McCown. I was born and raised in Missouri, but moved to Hawaii fresh out of college. I have lived and worked in Honolulu for 14 years now.

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Debbie Hoop Love Teacher
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Debbie Maidment

Hi, I’m Debbie. I like nothing better than to dance, hula hoop and take photographs – sometimes all at the same time! I entered the hooping world in 2010 when a friend pointed me in

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Michelle Testa

Michelle is a Hoop Dance Fitness instructor located in Rochester, NY, USA. She focuses on body-positive, fun fitness classes and workshops for ages 13+. Michelle’s hooping journey started in 2012 and has evolved as she

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Olivia Aley

Livi is a hoop-crafter and hooper, building and creating durable hoops for kids and adults, from beginners to advanced since 2012. She has been vending her hoops at local markets and festivals, and has had

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Chelsea Gladstone – Wonder Hoops

Chelsea (Hoop Aura) is a certified Hoop Love Coach and Yoga teacher from Devon, UK. Chelsea discovered Hula Hooping in 2019 whilst tramping around Australia. A fellow traveller sister gifted her a Hula Hoop found

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Deneen Hoop Love Teacher
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Deneen Pancari

Deneen is a preschool teacher, specializing in kids yoga and hula hoops for all ages. Wild & Free Play classes are available privately or held weekly in Bozeman, Montana. Wild and Free Play, offers movement

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