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Hi! my name is Joaanna Ventura

I am based in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

About Joaanna Ventura

I am a senior who has personally learned the benefits that hula hooping can give one who has lived and survived life limiting injuries and illness. As a recovering breast cancer survivor, experiencing lingering health issues from surgeries and chemotherapy treatment, along with back injuries sustained from a bad fall. I had a loss of mobility in my back and left arm, and balance issues, this along with a lack of stamina.
My first experience with hooping came when I attended a local drum circle in 2013 where people were hoop dancing in the center of the circle. I was amazed at the wonderful flow and ease of movement the hoopers had. It was then I fell in love with the hoop dance flow art and began looking for classes to learn how to use a hula hoop. At first many of the tricks and techniques were very challenging. However with practice I could do more than I thought I would ever be able to do again. The practice strengthened my core, helped with my balance, improved my mobility and mental state along with giving me more stamina. Most of all it was fun, especially when I hooped with others. Now eight years later I’ve learned from four hula hoop instructors in two dance studios along with many videos on line. It has changed my life, I can’t imagine life without my hoop practice along with the ability to share it with others like myself.
Performing and Hoop Coaching Experience 2016 – Present:
Performed with the GypSee Lights Hoop Troupe at the Greensboro Summer Solstice 2016-2019. Performed with Headspin Hoop Troupe and Friends 2021-2022.
Taught hula hooping and hooping games to children and parents at
Reedy Fork Elementary during their Multi-Cultural Event at the end
of the school year June 2022.
Presently work for the Greensboro Parks & Recreation Department Saturday mornings at The Trotter Active Adult Center as a Hula Hoop Coach showing seniors how to have fun whilst exercising with flow dance movement with hula hoops. Sharing how hooping can helps with balance, mobility, stamina and a general feeling of well-being.
Member of the Greensboro Hoopers Community on Face Book.
Presently Available for seniors events in the local community of Greensboro, North Carolina. Elementary school age children at school events.
Joanna Ventura
Greensboro, North Carolina USA
CPR/AED Certified by the Red Cross
Certified Hoop Love Coach.

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