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Hi! my name is Justine Patino

I am based in Grass Valley, California, US

About Justine Livs

Justine’s hoop journey began when she was a young child and stumbled upon a hula hoop contest one summer afternoon. Completely transfixed by all of the other kids who were SO STUPID GOOD at keeping the hoop around their waist, she begged her mom for a hoop of her own and began practicing every day after school — and she finally won that contest the following year! A foreshadowing of the journey that lay ahead, many years later at a large music festival, Justine found herself once again transfixed by a woman hooping her heart out amongst the crowd. This time, with more dance and dimension than a kid’s waist hooping contest, Justine knew this movement art was calling her. Nomadic at the time, she purchased her first travel hoop and began bringing it with her everywhere, practicing in any space she could squeeze it: hostel rooftops, parking lots, even in front of bathroom mirrors! Through her travels, she connected with a wider circus community and began attending live workshops and hoop retreats, refining her skills and discovering how deep her passion ran for flow arts. Today, she integrates her hoop dance skills with her background as both a yoga teacher and flow coach to help students understand, reach, and deepen in the flow state. Whether you hope to find flow, give your inner child freedom of expression, embrace your feminine energy, or reach another goal, Justine loves blending tech, dance, neuroscience, mind-body wisdom, and FUN in all of her classes to help students unlock their full potential.

Justine Livs Hooping in the sun

Hoop Love Coaches around the world

Amber Bradshaw Hoop Dance Teacher
United States

Amber Bradshaw

What began as the desire to create her own dance hoop after taking a hula-hooping fitness class, soon turned into several requests to make more hoops for classmates and friends. The joy of hooping and

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Colleen McCown Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Colleen McCown

Let me introduce myself  My name is Colleen McCown. I was born and raised in Missouri, but moved to Hawaii fresh out of college. I have lived and worked in Honolulu for 14 years now.

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Beth Nelson Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Beth Nelson

This Nebraska gal has been hooping since 2005! Teaching since 2013. currently teaching in North Platte NE. My hooping practice is constantly evolving. But I fall in love with this simple toy again and again,

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Riva Hoop Love Coach
United States

Riva Jean-Paul

Rivalution is a Hoop Dance performer and Hoop Dance instructor in Sacramento, CA.  She offers classes, workshops and performs in the Downtown Sacramento and surrounding areas. Her transformative hooping journey began in 2014 and has

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Erika Curran

I’m a Hoop Love trained hoop teacher with a back ground as a 500 hr certified yoga instructor. Learn to love your body and have fun moving it!

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Megan Jenkins Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Megan Jenkins

Professional entertainer and hoop teacher specializing in kids classes and parties. This bubbly mermaid is sure to make a splash with your kids while teaching them how to get happy, hoopy and healthy. Adult classes

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