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Hi! my name is Lilla Landauer

I am based in Budapest, Hungary

About Landauer Lilla

I am Lilla Landauer, one of the small number of hoop dance instructors and performers in Hungary. As a qualified Dance Instructor, Hoop Love Coach and Human Resource Counsellor (MA), I help you achieve the flow experience through hoop dance in a safe and accepting environment with unique technical knowledge and a high-level educational program.
In 2013, I was among the first in Hungary to start practicing hula hoop dance, and I have also been teaching since 2016. Today I work closely with Nagy Hulahoppsuli. With its leader we established HooPer4mers, which is currently the number one hoop dance performer group in Hungary. Since then, we have been regularly present on stages, organizing trainings and events.
I will provide you these in my classes
In my classes, I strive to create the right environment, a reliable and accepting, relaxed atmosphere. Technical information and the encouragement of continuous improvement through appropriate objectives will play a central role.
I love hoop dance because
The dancing movements and rotations typical of hoop dance provide a good foundation for making the flow experience accessible to anyone. Through the mental work and challenge inherent in the exercises, hula hoop provides ongoing feedback and reinforcement that aids in 100 percent physical and mental presence.
I look forward to seeing you if you want to improve yourself, need reinforcement on either a spiritual or physical level, or if you want to feel the flow of experience through hula hoop!

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