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Hi! my name is Olivia Campbell

I am based in Edmonton, Canada

About Olivia Flows

Olivia Flows is a fun, bright and knowledgeable fitness professional who is spreading her passion through hooping. Olivia has a degree in personal training from N.A.I.T. (northern Alberta institute of technology, A personal training certification through C.S.E.P (Canadian society of exercise physiology), a corrective exercise certification through N.A.S.M (north American sports medicine), a certified group fitness instructor through A.F.L.C.A (Alberta fitness …..) and lastly, a certified Hoop lovers coach! Being a certified fitness professional, Olivia understands how important prevention is. Every single year, doctors spend billions doing surgeries such as knee replacements, hip replacements, and emergency surgeries related to poor health such as heart disease. Most of these are required because of lack of movement. If one does not participate in daily exercise or activity, then there will most likely be complications down the road. As one ages muscles atrophy if not used, done density decreases, joints become less mobile, the efficiency of the heart decreases, and the chance of injury increases! Olivia believe hooping isn’t just an art…it is movement therapy! It is important to build a strong base; the body has 2 types of muscles-deep and superficial. Our deep muscles are muscles we don’t see as they are under the superficial muscles, but these deep muscles are what keep us strong. These deep muscles play a huge role in posture, and play a huge role the kinetic chain. Olivia believes that hooping is one of the ultimate workouts because it is fun, can be done anywhere, it uses muscles not often used, it increases flexibility, coordination and balance, and most importantly it is a STRESS RELIEVER! With 4 years of hoop dance experience, Olivia has performed with local Edmonton rapper S’rreal and has also performed at weddings and fashion shows. Olivia Flows hopes wants to spread her knowledge, and help people increase their confidence by reaching their goals in a safe, non-judgemental environment!

Olivia Campbell Hula Hoop Teacher Canada Headshot

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Vitillius Holder is a Medical Doctor, Epidemiologist, Public Health Consultant and Leader, with approximately 25 years of Medical experience. Her commitment and dedication to Community and Nation Building has earned National Recognition (Governor General Award).

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