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Hi! my name is Riva Jean-Paul

I am based in Sacramento, United States

About Its a Rivalution

Rivalution is a Hoop Dance performer and Hoop Dance instructor in Sacramento, CA.  She offers classes, workshops and performs in the Downtown Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Her transformative hooping journey began in 2014 and has evolved into a passion for healing, growth, development, and empowerment through movement.  She has focused on mind-body connection, breathing in the patience and persistence in challenging self-limitations.  She continues to expand her own boundaries, while encouraging others to do the same, working creatively to find the balance between strength and ease.  The past 2 years are a result of this belief and have created an outlet for her emotions through performance and dance.     

Allison Miller of SacramentoHoopDance has mentored Rivalution and has supported her journey to take her hooping to the next level.  This was realized in 2015 after attending Hoop Camp and becoming Sacramento Hoop Dance’s first sponsored hooper.  Shortly after, Rivalution created the Resolute Hoop Troupe, a performance group that focuses on community outreach.  The Resolute Hoop Troupe hosts jams and flow spaces within the community and performs at local music and art events.  In 2016, Rivalution completed her teacher training under the world-renowned Deanne Love and is a certified “Hoop Love Coach.” She is currently working towards her AFAA Certification and has plans to complete her yoga teacher training after that.

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Riva Hoop Love Coach

Hoop Love Coaches around the world

Wild Circle Bio Photo

Evelyn Fink

24 years old, Hoop Teacher in North of Italy. Doing performances and workshops for kids and adults. Please visit my homepage for more info.

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Ashley Roberts Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Ashley Roberts

My passion for movement stems from my parents. They taught me the importance of being active by involving me in dance, gymnastics and other team sports at a young age. In middle school, I loved

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Lisa Hoop Love Teacher

Lisa Schaffner

Hey!  I’m Lis Liquida from the fire performance group „Lucifers Match“. Currently based in Darmstadt (near Frankfurt a.M., Germany) offering classes & workshops for hoop dance (all levels) and hoop fitness all over the region

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Carrie-Lyn MacDougall Hoop Love Coach

Carrie-Lyn MacDougall

I’m a stay at home mom, homeschooling, RV living mom of four. You read it right, my husband and I live in a fifth wheel with our four children and I homeschool them all. To

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Jennifer Aucoin Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Jennifer Aucoin

I always loved to waist hoop as a child. But, not until my daughter started taking circus classes one summer, did I realize that there was a whole lot more to hooping technique than just

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Nina Koestlmeier Hoop Lover Teacher

Nina Koestlmeier

Hi, this is Nina aka Hoopie Goldberg, I started my Hoop Journey about 4 years ago. First as a hobby, then as a fun way of mindfulness and now also as a professsion. I am

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Brittany Cork Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Brittany Cork

Brittany Cork has been hooping for over five years and teaching classes to adults and children for three. She loves to share her passion for hooping and loves to help people find fun and healthy

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Jenna Hoop Love Teacher

Jenna Iwanchuk

Jenna Hoops – Spreading the joy of hooping! My goal is to spread the joy of hooping to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning! Through hoop dance, we energize the body, activate the

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