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Hi! my name is Sarah Roos

I am based in The Hague, The Netherlands

About HoopShape

I have been a sportsperson for as long as I can remember. Started as a teen, joining my mom in her aerobics classes and now, about thirty years later, still going strong.

I love to dance, run, horseback riding, skiing, going to the gym, yoga and so much more!

All of these I do on and off. But when hooping came on my path in 2012, I was totally smitten. It was love at first spin. It has it all: cardio, flexibility training, mindfulness and most of all fun!!! And the absolute best thing about it was I could do it always and everywhere! At home, at the gym, on the beach, at a party, you name it. I took (and take) my hoops everywhere. Whenever I start hooping there’s always someone asking me how to do this so before I know it I’m spreading Hooplove. The best feeling ever.

So when I discovered Deanne Love’s Hoop Love Coach training in 2014 I knew this was what I should do. Since then my life has changed. In summers I teach and in winters I practice hooping. I do workshops, I do lots of one on one training, I do hens parties and all kinds of community parties. Basically: I have fun!

Do you want to have fun? Contact me (Facebook is my ‘go to communication station’) and I’ll set you up with a hoop so we can have fun together.

Sarah Hoop Love Teacher

Hoop Love Coaches around the world

Michelle Hoop Love Teacher
United States

Michelle Hamilton

Pachy Hoops is making fitness fun through hula hoop dance classes and workout classes. Bring out your inner child and find joy in the movements you can create.

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Alex Brendemihl Hooplove Teacher
United States

Alex Brendemihl

Alex is a hoop mama of Upper Michigan. Who’s passion for teaching began shortly after receiving her first hoop. She’s a brand ambassador for The Spinsterz and is sponsored by Bay Flow Artists. Her classes

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Shell Bell Hoops Michelle LED Hula Hoop
United States

Michelle Slind

Michelle has been dancing with hoops since 2011. She loves the joy and emotional release that she experiences in her practice. Over the years she has developed a strong skill set that she excitedly shares

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Dominika Kozakowska-Baranowskai Ireland Hooper

Dominika Kozakowska-Baranowska

Hi there 🙂 I started my Hula-Hoop journey around 2009. I felt in love with my first Hula-Hoop and that love is still going 🙂 Since then I have been doing some performance and lots

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Danielle Sunny Circle Hoops Headshot
United States

Danielle Dubois | Sunny Circle Hoops

Danielle Dubois created Sunny Circle Hoops to share her love of hula hooping with her community. She aims to spread positivity and self-love through hoop dance. Sunny Circle Hoops offers workshops and classes for beginner

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Rowena Ludford Hoop Love Teacher
Great Britain

Rowena Ludford

Ro’s passion for hoop dance, hoop flow and fitness shine through her dynamic personality, bringing diverse groups of people together in a safe space to share, create, flow and grow. Offering hoop flow and fitness

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Tracey Hoop Love Teacher

Tracey Meredith

I am a Hoop Love Coach from the Central Coast NSW. I was first introduced to hooping in 2014 at a music festival at Byron Bay. Since then I have learnt to custom make hoops

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Fernanda Ramírez Ruz Profile hula hooping beach

Fernanda Ramírez Ruz

It may have started as a hobby but Fer Ramiruz now eats, sleeps and breathes hooping. Almost 9 years after entering “the hooping world” what she loves most about hooping is the way it brings

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