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Hi! my name is Valarie DeGarmo

I am based in Metro-Detroit, MI

About Flow Craft

As a forever fan of dance and play, Valarie created Flow Craft to help connect individuals through movement, fun and shared experience. Flow Craft is a custom & ready made dance hoop and accessory shop serving hoopers in Metro Detroit, and now offering private and small group instruction. Flow Craft was founded in 2017 out of the desire to help connect individuals through movement, fun and shared experience. Helping hoopers express and expand their artform with quality, affordable, accessible and innovative hoops is the mission behind the brand. In July 2020, Valarie decided to take her passion to the next level and become Hoop Love Coach certified. Being trained as a hoop coach allows Valarie to further support new hoopers, families, and small groups by providing in-person instruction and online coaching support. Valarie brings her down to earth, laid back attitude, humor and sincere desire to see her students succeed, and most importantly, have fun, to every lesson. Students are encouraged to show up curious, and will leave feeling energized, empowered and abuzz. Valarie is passionate about sharing hooping, dance, and flow arts, because she believes one of the most important things an individual can do is to connect their present self to the pure joy of a seven year old with a simple hoop- and all the confidence in the world! Is hooping great exercise? Of course! And the amazing news is hooping is so much more than great exercise! It’s a transformative practice for the mind, body and spirit. Pick up your hoop. Step into the circle. Let’s create something beautiful today. Expand your heart. Expand your flow ❤


Hoop Love Coaches around the world

Wild Circle Bio Photo

Evelyn Fink

24 years old, Hoop Teacher in North of Italy. Doing performances and workshops for kids and adults. Please visit my homepage for more info.

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Ishrat Yakub Hoop Dance Teacher in Bermuda

Ishrat Yakub (Ish)

After having started a stressful corporate job, Ish decided to pursue hooping after seeing a girl rock out with a hoop at a party. Her journey began in 2010 with Toronto instructor Sadie Spins. The

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Anna Puchades Romano Spain Hula hoop teacher

Anna Puchades Romano – Anna Puck

I am a dancer and dance teacher who felt in love with hooping and its infinite posibilities. Now I offer hoopdance shows and classes-workshops for people that want to be active, enjoy movement and create

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Sophie Dennis Hoop Love Teacher

Sophie Dennis

‘All The Lights’ is all about performing arts- infusing dance & movement with different props. It was a dream that became a reality on 17th February 2018. Exactly one year later on 19th February 2019

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Gardenia Harris

I am a certified Hoop Dance Coach with over five years of hula hooping experience. I provide individual and small group instruction on how to execute over a hundred hula hoop tricks, along with tips

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Hula Sutra Hoop Dancer
United States

Tonesa Jones

Her hula hooping journey began when she was looking for an activity that was kind to her body and fed her creativity spirit. Her dream is to build a community of badass, beautiful, body positive

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Raelene Salo

Hi! My name’s Raelene, and I’m a Melbourne based circus artist, with an extensive background in dance and aerials. I am available for performances, or for teaching private lessons, group lessons and workshops in Melbourne

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Lacy Fiore

Lacy has a background in Personal Training, group fitness, and instructing aqua classes. She loves motivating people to move their bodies and have fun! During the day, Lacy is the Volunteer Coordinator and Advocate for

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